Why You Shouldn’t Always Dismiss a Busy Street

Why You Shouldn’t Always Dismiss a Busy Street


The first street I lived on was a relatively quiet one in the suburbs. It didn’t matter, though. The kids all played in the back yard. The next house was on a quiet, dead-end street where I imagined our kids learning to ride their bikes without traffic. We weren’t on a busy street, but we sure could hear the traffic on the highway! The next house was similar. A quiet street always punctuated with the sounds of racing cars and late-night motorcycles. Even if the canal was right there! Finally we switched it up and went for a home on a busier street in a quiet neighbourhood. We spend plenty of time and entertain in our big, quiet back yard. And there is much to love about living on a main artery.

Many people find the notion of living on a busy street to be a non-starter. And for some people, it’s absolutely true. If you have young kids and you want them playing road hockey on the street in front of you house, well then it’s a no-brainer. But for everyone else, there are some important considerations that make a busier street worth a thought.

I speak from experience when I say there is nothing better than pulling out of my driveway after a nighttime snowstorm onto a clear road. And it’s always clear by the time I wake up. My young adult son raves about the bus stop just steps away, especially when it’s pouring rain. And if having garage sales are your thing, your items will always get attention! Finally, Skip-the-Dishes and the Uber to the airport will never get lost trying to find your front door.

While some of these reasons may seem a stretch, they aren’t. I speak first hand. There are, of course other factors that impact a decision like this. Which side of the house the bedrooms are on, how many bus routes pass by and of course the house itself are all factors that can influence whether you see the busier street as positive or not. And your home purchase budget is a big factor. Sometimes the only affordable way to get into your preferred neighbourhood is to compromise on the street. A busier street will always be less expensive. But if you know the positives, it may seem more like  bargain!

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