Where did all this stuff come from?!

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Where did all this stuff come from?!

It seems that no matter where we live, our homes inevitably fill up with “stuff”. As each year passes, we accumulate more and divest of less. So, when the time finally comes to move, the thought of what to do with all the “stuff” is completely daunting.

It is almost certain that any real estate agent will tour your home and tell you to “de-clutter”. But sometimes, it doesn’t take a move to help you realize that the “stuff” is taking over. The reality is that the more space we have, the more we fill. On a more serious level, there are many reasons WHY people hang onto things – memories, reassurance, need, etc. And some people seem to thrive on it, while for others, a lot of stuff creates anxiety.

We attend garage sales – look a the crowds that attend the Great Glebe Garage Sale every year! We spend weekends at flea markets and antique shops. Busy lives require a variety of things – sporting equipment of all kinds for multiple seasons – never mind the clothes and toys!

So, how do you eliminate all the “stuff” without moving into a 400 sq. ft. condo somewhere? If you aren’t by nature a minimalist, there are professional organizers out there who make a living helping us keep things orderly. Ask a really organized friend for a weekend! Think of your local charities. There are so many people out there with nothing for whom your extras mean so much. There are organizations that will come pick up your stuff. The Diabetes Association is just one of many. Not sure if you may need some of the “stuff” again later? Renting storage space is very popular and an easy way to get things out of sight (even if it just prolongs the inevitable…). Have grown kids? Pass it on. Hold a garage sale or for more valuable items, hire an auction company that specializes in selling what you have. But most importantly, own it so you can do something about it. When you do eventually downsize, there is nothing worse than facing that task ahead!

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