When the Realtor Becomes the Seller: Jen’s First-Hand Account!

When the Realtor Becomes the Seller: Jen’s First-Hand Account!


Beginning the Process With Emotions High!

I recently had the opportunity to go through the house selling process myself and let me say, it’s something that all Realtors need to go through to remember what it’s like! Of course, there are highs and lows. However, one would think that after almost 2 decades of guiding my own clients through the process, I would have been better prepared for what to expect!

We recently sold our family home in Wellington Village. This was a home that we lovingly renovated and raised our family in, our kids grew up here. We hosted family and friends all the time for holidays and parties. Moreover, we had close relationships with our neighbours and we used to have regular Friday evening pizza parties together for years. Street hockey was played. Kids learned to ride bikes here. There were lots of laughs and some tears over the years. Let’s just say that there was no shortage of emotions here. This wasn’t just a great house….it truly was a home.

Attempting to Switch Into “Business Mode”

When it came time to sell, I tried very hard to switch into “business mode.” Hey, I know how to do this. I’ve literally sold  hundreds of houses for clients and many of them in my own neighbourhood. I’ve got this. Piece of cake right!?! I mean it’s a great house on one of the best streets in Ottawa, how hard can this be!?

When I started trying to map this path for myself and my family, I quickly realized that maybe this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. I enlisted the help of professionals (stagers, painters, packers, etc) and found myself in the thick of what was actually one of the most stressful things one can go through.  What do you mean I need to get rid of that comfy blue couch we watch the hockey game on? Wait a minute…my kids school photos are cute and I want them on the wall! I don’t care if a gray bathroom will sell the house, I like my pink one! You get where I’m going with this… Selling a house is super emotional and even as a professional who does this all the time. I was having a really hard time seeing what was best for the market.

Thankfully I have many close friends who also happen to be Realtors. I was able to call on them to guide me and help me realize that keeping my eye on the goal was critical. Ultimately we wanted to sell the house and we were in the midst of a rapidly changing market. It never occurred to me that as a Seller, maybe I wouldn’t be able to do this for myself and I’m so grateful for those friends who helped me. It didn’t hurt that my friends are great Realtors and we all work at such an amazing company!

The Final Verdict

This experience was very humbling for me but also I felt it really helped me to relate to what my clients go through. Selling a family home involves emotions and feelings that really can’t be ignored. Not only is the family home most often ones largest financial asset, it can also be the biggest emotional one as well. Sometimes the feelings can over-shadow the business side of the process and having professionals guiding you is essential. The house sold to a lovely new family who will raise their kids there and I hope have pizza parties on Friday nights with their neighbours.

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