What’s wrong with my new house!

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So you buy a wonderful new home that maybe isn’t so new and anticipate all the good times you will
have there. And then one day, water stops running out of your kitchen tap. Or you see water seeping in
along the sides of your basement wall. Blame it on your home inspector? Perhaps. But most times, it can
be a freak weather situation that causes something you may never actually see again. A few winters ago,
we had a huge thaw and rainfall in January. The ground was frozen and there was no place for the water
to go. So, seeking its naturally low points, it made its way into basements that had never before been
penetrated. This winter, it was the extreme cold snap that affected even plumbing in those insulated
exterior walls. One little air space and that cold seemed to want in! Of course there was that winter of
massive snowfall when people took to shovelling off their own roofs and ended up damaging shingles.
But that’s another story.
All this to say, sometimes even your home cannot be immune to Mother Nature. The problem may not
be systemic so don’t let it reduce your enjoyment of your wonderful new home.

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