Vegetable Gardening with Kids

Vegetable Gardening with Kids


One of my (Jen) most fond memories of growing up was of planting my very own vegetable garden when I was 6 years old. We lived on Highland Avenue in Highland/McKellar Park in lovely older home with a west facing back yard that got plenty of southern sun as well. The yard was great and I remember my granola-crunching parents planted a big garden along the side fence and then asked me if I wanted my own. I jumped at the idea and we planned out a great little patch that was filled with cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes. I loved it and would go out everyday to water it and weed and I remember the sheer joy when the fruit started to grow.

Gardening is a wonderful way of engaging kids in growing and tending to something and most importantly, keeping them outside and active, instead of in front of the dreaded screens! Vegetable gardening encourages kids to be diverse, healthy eaters and studies have shown that if a child can grow it, they are much more likely to eat it! Some things that work well for kids gardens are snap peas, cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries and zucchini. Check out this amazing recipe for chocolate zucchini cake…yes, you read that correctly…

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