Thinking Pool?

Thinking Pool?


Pools are a tricky thing. With the summers getting hotter, having one is appealing. They can affect the investment you have made in your home so here are a few things to consider.

The cost of the pool itself is just part of the overall investment. With the required fencing, landscaping and perhaps a shed, you could be looking at doubling or tripling the total cost. Costs are always based on your choices, of course, and you can go from a basic liner pool to fibreglass or concrete.

Installation must be done with a permit here in Ottawa, and the City has some very specification for fencing (it cannot be climbable, for instance, so nothing horizontal) and also for staying within the required setbacks from your property line, among other things. A good pool installer or landscaper will be able to provide advice.

Maintenance costs cannot be forgotten. People are gravitating to sale water pools for the lower maintenance requirements and also to minimize the use of chemicals. You will have the electricity costs for running the pump – more if you opt for a heater, but high efficiency equipment can keep costs reasonable.

Homes can be more difficult to sell with a pool…. or easier. A lot depends on the space you have, as well as the neighbourhood and lifestyle. If your pool takes up your entire yard, it can generally be considered a liability, since many buyers want play space that is safe for kids. Some people with young children don’t want a pool at all. But if you have plenty of yard space, it maybe another story!

A pool is all about lifestyle. Find the most cost-effective solution and install it knowing it’s for you to enjoy – not to increase your home’s value. Then enjoy it during a summer like the one we are having!

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