Shannon & Geoff

By July 24, 2019

Shannon & Geoff


Overall, we just feel so lucky that we had Diane & Jen’s expertise and help with this process, and that everything worked out so perfectly. This was a tough market in which to sell our type of house, and Diane offered very smart advice in urging us to hold off on making an offer until we had serious interest in our place. Throughout the summer as we had showings on our place, we appreciated how organized and professional your office was, and how quickly Diane & Jen followed up with feedback from prospective buyers. Whenever we felt discouraged or weren’t sure of the next step, Diane was always happy to explain and provide encouragement. It’s very obvious how well she and Jen understand the Ottawa market, and we benefitted from that knowledge again and again.

When it came time to buy the house we loved, of course we ended up with an unexpected bidding war at the last minute. I remember talking to Diane on the phone that afternoon and when I told her I was stressed, she said, “Relax. This is what you hired us for.” It’s true, and it all worked out in the end: her expert advice and calm negotiating got us our house, and I’m not sure that would have happened with another realtor going to bat for us. We felt throughout this process that Diane & Jen wanted the best for us and were there to represent our interests—we trusted them implicitly, and that was more than earned.

I can’t say enough about the expertise, attentiveness, warmth and professionalism Diane & Jen (and their whole office) brought to this process. Thanks to them, we have our “forever home” in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, and we can’t wait to move in and start the next chapter of our lives.

Thank you for everything,

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