Shelley Ann Morris

By May 10, 2021

Shelley Ann Morris

Selling a home can be a complicated process, made even more challenging during a global pandemic. The support, guidance and advice our family received from Jennifer Stewart and Diane Allingham led to the successful sale of our late father’s condominium.
My sister Colleen and I had never sold a home before. From start to finish, Diane and Jen did whatever they could to help. Jennifer had an excellent reputation as a Realtor, as she had helped Colleen and her husband to find a beautiful home in 2006–we knew where to turn.
There were many three-way calls in which this team patiently answered our questions and allayed our concerns.
Diane and Jen suggested relatively inexpensive steps we could take to make this roomy, one-bedroom condo even more attractive to prospective buyers. Professional photographs were taken, highlighting the bright, clean, spacious rooms and the beautiful view from the balcony.
As with any property, there are always details that need to be finalized—again, this team provided professional advice and workable solutions to some of the small concerns that live within any home.
The property was on the market for seven days. A flurry of showings led to several offers. In light of public health restrictions, Jen and Diane made sure that masks and sanitizer was placed in the condominium for the vititors’ safety.
On April 7, Jen and Diane met with us by phone, described each offer in detail, and helped us to choose the best buyer.
It should also be mentioned here that the team of Jennifer Stewart, Diane Allingham and their administrative staff made several accommodations because of COVID 19 and my visual impairment. We were required to sign our documents online—a near impossibility for those with low vision. They allowed a good friend of mine to assist me with the daunting process of signing documents electronically. Additionally, they listened when I suggested that the low-contrast form that I was required to use to describe the condominium be replaced with one that would be easier to read.
On behalf of our family, I would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank-you to Diane Allingham and Jennifer Stewart. We are grateful for their hard work, professionalism, and strong knowledge of the housing market. We successfully navigated the process of selling a home, and our late father’s property is now occupied by a very happy first-time home owner.
~Shelley Ann Morris

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