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Finding Your Neighbourhood

Deciding on the right neighbourhood is perhaps the most daunting decision any home buyer faces. And it is equally as important for first time buyers as it is the second, or even last time around. Why? Because your neighbourhood dictates not only where you will live, but how you will live. Take the time to… Read More >>

Community Series: Old Ottawa South

This ongoing series brings you inside the wonderful communities that make up downtown ottawa – the neighbourhoods we know and love!  Old Ottawa South, bordered by the canal to the north, Bronson to the west, the river to the south and Main Street to the east is a vibrant neighbourhood whose primary shopping is done… Read More >>

Getting to Know Your Community

Whether you have just settled into a new neighbourhood, are exploring the options for a move, or have your own reasons for getting more involved in your community, it can be difficult to know where best to turn first. Your neighbourhood community center is a great place to start. Enroll in one of the programs… Read More >>

What Kind of Neighbourhood Are You Best Suited To?

We love working with buyers! The process of buying a home, whether it’s your first or your 10th, is always interesting and is usually a lot of fun. We like to meet buyers in person before we start the home-search process in order to review their criteria in detail so that we can ensure we’re… Read More >>

Neighbourhood vs. House

What’s more important: the neighbourhood you live in or the house you live in? I guess the easy answer is that it depends who is answering the question! The general rule of thumb (and I’m sure this is no big secret to anyone) is that if you want a larger and perhaps newer house for… Read More >>

Neighbourhood Crime Reports

Our handy tip of the day is a great tool on the Ottawa Police website: Crime-mapping is a great way to see what is going on in your neighbourhood, or if you’re buying a home, in the neighbourhood you’re considering moving into. It’s simple to use, you just type in your address and the… Read More >>