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Finding the Right School

All schools are not created equal. But then again, neither are children! The key to making the right choices for your child’s education is to consider both the institution itself and the character of your child to make sure the two mesh. Attending the school information sessions is a great way to start, especially if… Read More >>

The Bridgehead Factor

We’ve thought more than once that the MLX should add a field in the search criteria for “proximity to Bridgehead”. We work with many buyers who want to live in a ‘walkable’ community and most of them mention that they’d like to be able to walk to Bridgehead for a latte! This locally owned company… Read More >>

What Kind of Neighbourhood Are You Best Suited To?

We love working with buyers! The process of buying a home, whether it’s your first or your 10th, is always interesting and is usually a lot of fun. We like to meet buyers in person before we start the home-search process in order to review their criteria in detail so that we can ensure we’re… Read More >>

Neighbourhood vs. House

What’s more important: the neighbourhood you live in or the house you live in? I guess the easy answer is that it depends who is answering the question! The general rule of thumb (and I’m sure this is no big secret to anyone) is that if you want a larger and perhaps newer house for… Read More >>