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Should I Insure My Art?

Do you fancy yourself a bit of an art collector? Maybe you love local galleries and have picked up a piece or two over the years? Perhaps you have inherited art from a family member or friend? It is critical to keep an inventory of your collection, no matter how big or small it is…. Read More >>

Insurance – Questions You Need to Answer

Home insurance is required in order to close on your new property so make sure your shopping is done and you have committed to one. The company or your insurance broker will provide proof of coverage in time for closing. But they sure do ask a lot of questions about your new property so be prepared to provide… Read More >>

Leaving Your Home Vacant

If you are forced to leave your home vacant for an extended period of time – or even a short one – take precautions to ensure its security. Insurance companies hate vacant properties and may have their own requirements if your leave is extended but for shorter periods of time don’t forget to: Cancel your… Read More >>