So you wanna run your dog?

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We are fortunate here in Ottawa to have lots of great places for people to bring their dogs for exercise. It’s important that dogs have a safe space to run and of course their people always like to chat and drink coffee together and brag about their little furry family members! There are very clear designations in place for public parks in order to keep everyone happy and safe. There are basically three different usages for our local parks: 1) Dogs allowed – meaning they may be off leash, 2) Dogs on Leash – meaning that they must be on a leash at all times, and 3) No Dogs – meaning kind of self-evident! Some parks may have multiple designations, so always be sure to look out for the posted signs. There are also some basic by-laws which apply at all-times, regardless of where you are. For instance, the dogs must always be in the owners care and control, so even in an off-leash area, the owner needs to be looking after the dog and able to call him/her back if need be. Also, dogs are never permitted within 5 meters of children’s play areas and pools. Of course, we all know that pooping and scooping is the law too! It’s important to abide by these well-outlined rules so that dogs and people can enjoy our public spaces in harmony. If you’re looking for great places to run your dog close to where you live, check out this link for a complete list

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