Secret In Alta Vista


Alta Vista has a secret that its residents already know. And it is such an obvious secret, that they don’t understand how it remains one! And it’s precisely this secret that is keeping prices so reasonable in a market where “value” is a grossly under-utilized word.

The biggest secret Alta Vista harbours is how great it is. The fact that you can get more home for less money than in Ottawa’s central neighbourhoods, and yet still be a walk or bike ride away from those neighbourhoods seems to lurk in the shadows. And while residents may like it that way, it’s no secret to us that people are missing an opportunity.

Imagine a place that is approximately 5km from the Byward Market or Parliament Hill, with at least three north/south main driving arteries to get you there, at least three bike path routes, and three transit ways nearby if bus is your vehicle of choice. Alta Vista is a straight shot downtown through lovely, walkable neighbourhoods like Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East, Glebe and Centretown.

A huge number of parks dot the Alta Vista landscape and green space is abundant. It isn’t unusual to see cross-country skiers or snow shoers in Pleasant Park Woods in winter, and baseball, soccer and even cricket in its parks during summer months. As in many walkable communities, you will see Alta Vista kids walking to the local schools together in the morning.

What you don’t see in Alta Vista is just as special as what you do see. The lots here afford more breathing space than an urban community, but neighbours are just as friendly. In fact, as Alta Vista has matured and the trees have grown skyward, the population is also transitioning. Younger families are moving back in and the parks are a hub of activity. The Canterbury Community Centre has a wide range of programs for all ages and houses an indoor pool. Shhh, it’s a secret! What else is missing here? A ton of traffic and noise.

One of the biggest objections we hear as agents about Alta Vista is the seeming lack of shops. Dotted throughout the area are small shopping areas, so while you may need more time to walk to pick up milk or an ice cream, everything is reachable. Old Ottawa South is walkable from some sections of Alta Vista, others get Bank Street further south. And sitting on Kilborn Avenue in the heart of the community is a string of convenient amenities. It is hard to dispute that housing choices are broad and prices are surprisingly reasonable. In a market where competition is the scariest part of buying a new home, Alta Vista offers an unrecognized calm in the storm.

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