In the Community

Community involvement is important to us! We believe strongly that we should give back to the communities where we work, and have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some fantastic folks along the way. In addition to supporting the Parkdale Food Centre, Diabetes Canada, the Humane Society and many others personally, as a team we are fortunate enough to have aligned with some really wonderful organizations, big and small but always local!

Interval House

We are always happy to offer a donation to Interval House as client closing gifts and to organize fund raising events in support of this much-needed and wonderfully run charity!

Interval House of Ottawa (IHO) provides safe shelter and support, intervention and prevention services, and advocacy to break the cycle of violence. IHO works from an intersectional, feminist, and anti-oppressive approach to provide services for cis and trans women, two-spirit, non-binary, and gender-diverse people alongside their dependents and pets. Programs and services offered by this astounding charity includes a Crisis Line, Women’s Counselling Services, Child & Youth Services, Community Support, and Community Engagement! Interval House of Ottawa leads the way in building a community committed to healthy and respectful relationships, free from all violence and abuse.

Youth Services Bureau (LGBTQS2+ Housing Program)

We love what the YSB has been doing for the Ottawa community youth. To support such an amazing charity we donate a portion of all our sales to their LGBTQS2+ Programs.

The Youth Services Bureau are committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental and accessible environment where individuals 12 years and older can pursue their life goals and be encouraged in making informed decisions. YSB is a multi-service agency that provides services in French and English in employment, health and housing, mental health, youth engagement and youth justice. We work in partnership to develop, deliver and advocate for better conditions, services and opportunities for youth and families. YSB operates two emergency shelters, one for young women and one for young men. Staff at the shelters work with youth to help them meet their immediate needs. Once these needs are met, staff will work with youth while they’re in transition for up to a year. During that time, youth are able to live in transitional housing where a healthy, non-judgmental environment and access to various programs can help them to develop independence and life skills.

Parkdale Food Centre

We have supported the Parkdale Food Centre in many ways for many years because it is such a valuable and important part of our community! We are always proud to sponsor their community events and raise donations whenever we can! Plus Jen has been known to contribute her time and cooking expertise to educate others through the Centre!

The Parkdale Food Centre (PFC) believe in an Ottawa where everyone has the means and opportunity to live a healthy, connected, and fulfilling life. Their aim is to build healthier, more connected Neighbours and neighbourhoods through good food, innovative community partnerships, and by challenging inequalities in order to create lasting impacts. Currently running multiple programs including their Mino’Weesini (Good Eats) program, Social Enterprise (13:ASE) program, Growing Futures, and the Ottawa Community Food Partnership, which is also linked to the amazing Cooking for a Cause Ottawa campaign.

Distress Centre of Ottawa

We are always happy to offer a donation to the Distress Centre of Ottawa as client closing gifts to help support the incredibly important things that they do for mental health in our community.

The Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region plays a key role in establishing a community where individuals in need are supported and empowered to meet life’s challenges. Working within the continuum of mental health services, the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region contributes to a healthier and safer community by providing suicide prevention, crisis intervention, psychological stabilization, emotional support, information, referral and education services, without judgement, to individuals in need. Available 24/7 to answer calls from those reaching out for help, they are always there to listen regardless of their issues. Always confidential, non-judgemental, and open-minded telephone lines to talk about what you may be facing in your lives.

The Fam Network

This is one of the charities very dear to our hearts, as pet lovers! We are always happy to offer a donation to the Distress Centre of Ottawa as client closing gifts. Any animal-related client events we host raise funds for this meaningful charity!

Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in 2003, SafePet Ontario coordinates foster care for pets of individuals fleeing domestic violence. The program helps survivors seek safety while ensuring their pet receives proper care until they’re stabilized and safe and can reunite. Many survivors of intimate partner violence won’t leave their abuser if they can’t take their pet(s) with them to safety. SafePet Ontario removes a significant barrier for those fleeing abuse by caring for their pet(s) until the survivor is stabilized and safe. For survivors who are unable to find a trusted family member, friend or co-worker to care for their pet(s), SafePet Ontario can save lives. SafePet Ontario coordinates foster care for pets of individuals fleeing domestic violence.

The Ten Oaks Annual Bowl-A-Thon

The Ten Oaks Annual Bowl-A-Thon is held each year, and we are always proud sponsors. All money raised supports programming for children and youth.

The Ten Oaks Project is a charitable organization working to help children, youth and families from 2SLGBTQ+ (two spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) communities thrive. Based in Ottawa, the Ten Oaks Project was founded in 2004 and offers affirming and life changing camp and local programs for children, youth and families. 10 Oakes is based around 5 core principles: Empowerment through play, Learning by doing, Social justice, Collaboration and innovation, and People. They offer four annual camp programs to children and youth: Camp Ten Oaks (ages 8-17), Project Acorn (ages 16-24), Oak Grove Family Camp (all ages), and Camp Lifting Leaves (ages 8-21). Also offering a series of workshops year-round to build capacity and welcome campers from the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Enriched Bread Artists

With our personal interest in the local art community, sponsoring the Enriched Bread Artists has been our privilege since 2014. The Enriched Bread Artists is a nonprofit, artist-run space dedicated to the production and development of the visual arts by providing affordable studio space, located in Hintonburg.