LIGHTS, camera, action!

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In these days of energy conserving light bulbs and soaring hydro prices, it’s hard to put lighting at the
top of your priority list. The reality is, though, that really good lighting makes a room just as surely as
poor lighting breaks it. Obviously, taking advantage of natural light is always key. But many of us have
darker homes or rooms that suffer from dim lighting. Not only is it more difficult to see properly, but the
cast on the room can make it either oppressive or upbeat, depending on the lighting you choose. This
lighting rule is hard and fast when selling your home, but it affects us everyday where we stay, as well.
The placement of lights is as important as the type of light you choose – keep working areas better lit,
whether it’s for reading or cooking. Overhead lights serve a different purpose from lower level lighting,
so experiment with that and always keep in mind the main purpose of the room (utility vs. sleeping, for
instance). Speaking with an experienced lighting person can really help. And sometimes, changing an
entire room is simply a matter of changing the lighting!

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