Kindness Series: Letters to Elders in Ottawa

Kindness Series: Letters to Elders in Ottawa


We are all seeing some wonderful acts of kindness and giving during this Cover-19 pandemic, including Letters to Elders. Each and every one embody hope and optimism, so we thought we would share some examples. This one features an initiative spearheaded by Arielle Contreras, a family member of our very own Fiona Morrison.

Letters to Elders in Ottawa is an initiative encouraging the community to write letters for residents of long term care homes in Ottawa. Most of these homes have restricted non-essential visits during Covid-19, meaning residents are not able to see family during these trying times. Arielle undertook this personal initiative, motivated by her own experience with her grandmother, who lived in a retirement home and seeing first-hand how much day-to-day personal interaction meant.

For children who write the letters it’s a great opportunity to participate in something meaningful that gives them a sense they can help by bringing joy to someone who maybe feeling lonely. Having their letter featured on CBC Radio is exciting, too!

Participating homes currently include the New Orchard Lodge, the Hillel Lodge, the Garry J. Armstrong home, and the Rockcliffe Retirement Residence.

To participate, you can either handwrite a letter and attach it in an email to, or you can simply type your letter directly into an email. Your letter will then be sent to one of the participating homes, where the staff will distribute the letters amongst their residents.

The CBC’s Ottawa Morning show is currently helping spread the word about Letters to Elders by having people come on air to read their letter. If you’re interested in reading your letter on air, feel free to cc in your email.

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