Jen’s Journey to Iceland

Jen’s Journey to Iceland


Here are some photos from my epic trip to Iceland this past summer. Along with 88 other Realtors, I had the opportunity to trek in Iceland and raise money for the Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation. I am thrilled to say that as a group we raised over $650,000 that is being donated to shelters for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The trek was truly a life-changing experience, that words don’t really do justice to. We hiked 115km over 6 days in the Southern Highlands of Iceland. We crossed, glacial rivers, climbed mountains for hours on end, traversed snow and ice, walked through endless fields of lava ash, rock deserts, used ropes and chains to get over narrow ridges with sheer drop-offs and much more! We slept in tents that we set up on our own each night and had to learn to sleep even though the sun never really set. I will say after trekking 20+ km in these harsh conditions sleeping wasn’t really that hard! I was in group 3, which included 29 Realtors from across Canada as well as our guides. We formed life-long bonds and friendships that I feel so incredibly grateful for. All of us got through the tough times by supporting one another and also reminding ourselves that even though the trek was grueling, it is really nothing compared to the difficulties faced by women and children who are victims of domestic violence and face daily abuse. Thank you so much to all of you who donated and offered support – whether monetary or for moral support – it was truly appreciated!

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