Is This Attic Worth Renovating?

Is This Attic Worth Renovating?


Do you have a large attic space that you’ve always wondered about finishing and making into a useable living space? It can certainly be a great idea and may add value to your home, but there are some important things to consider before taking on a project like this. We think that one of the first things to think about is how will the space be accessed? In order for the space to add real value to your home and appeal to future potential buyers, there has to be proper access. We have seen so many houses with retro-fitted attic spaces that are accessed only by very steep stairs and sometimes even folding ladders! The truth is that most people will only pay for a space that they can easily get to…which means a proper staircase. When you’re considering where this staircase will go, think about whether you can get the stairs in without losing existing living space. For instance, if you have to covert and existing bedroom into a hallway/staircase, then it really might not be worth the expense.

Other things to think about include the height of the space, can heat and plumbing easily be brought up to this level, how will the roof and ventilation be affected. Before making the decision to embark on this renovation, make sure to speak to professional contractors who will know the zoning and code requirements and also talk to a realtor about how this investment will affect the value.

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