Home Tips: Is Now the Time to Renovate?

Home Tips: Is Now the Time to Renovate?


Some things can wait. This year, prices have skyrocketed, as we all know! Even those of us lucky enough to have a Contractor in our midst are finding the cost of materials and expert trades cause us to really weigh the decision to renovate or wait. For the majority of people who do not have someone handy at home, it’s an even bigger conundrum because about prices have also gone up and finding a reputable contractor who is available is really challenging. Count yourself one of the lucky few to have one at your fingertips.

Some things cannot wait. Electrical, plumbing, a dangerously old roof or furnace – these are things you just have to do, regardless. Finding a reputable trades person is the challenge now with everyone being so busy, but it’s worth persevering. Ask around and get referrals! This has never been more important. As your real estate agent, we keep a list of trustworthy professionals, as do your neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

Sometimes making changes feels really important. Consider painting to make big changes with minimal investment. Painters seem to be easier to find and it’s also something many home owners can undertake. Consider smaller projects for the time being – changing hardware can also have a big impact, as can a new area rug, curtains and even wallpaper. Artwork and pillows are always good ways to brighten up a space, too.

If you are considering a new kitchen, bathroom or custom millwork for built-ins, it’s best to anticipate delays and cost. We know that the cost of cabinetry has gone up exponentially, so planning and choosing carefully become that much more important. We can always help you determine if the cost of a project makes sense for your home from a real estate perspective. In fact, we provide insights to clients often!

We still see busy contractors, so we know many people are opting to stay and renovate rather than move. As the market shifts, we may see this changing. whether prices eventually come back down or remain high is hard to tell, so our best advice? Evaluate extra carefully, plan extra carefully and understand the options!

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