Finding Your Neighbourhood

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Deciding on the right neighbourhood is perhaps the most daunting decision any home buyer faces. And
it is equally as important for first time buyers as it is the second, or even last time around. Why?
Because your neighbourhood dictates not only where you will live, but how you will live. Take the time
to explore all facets of the neighbourhoods you are considering. Walk or drive the streets on a busy
weekend to see who is out and what activities are underway. Visit the local businesses, try the
restaurants and strike up conversations with people who live there. The community association can be a
great place to learn about hot issues or local initiatives underway or planned for the future. Check the
community center if there is one to see what activities are offered. If schools are a consideration, visit
them. Check online. We have a great neighbourhood section on our website with videos and blogs to
help provide a real sense for some of the downtown neighbourhoods. Do your research early, before
you plan on moving, so that your search is focused and you don’t miss out on a great property because
you aren’t sure about the neighbourhood. And keep an open mind. Sometimes a great area is just
around the corner.

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