We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with many clients in 2019 who have downsized from their family home to a condo or cottage property. Its lovely to work with people through various stages of life transitions and this one is no exception. Often it can feel very overwhelming to even begin to think about how to move from a home you may have lived in for decades and raised children. People generally need to begin going through all of their possessions and decide what to do with them. There’s also the house itself and what updates or improvements are needed to make the house ready to bring to market and achieve top dollar. For those thinking of doing this in 2020, we would recommend having an initial meeting with us this fall. We often work with people several months in advance of a sale to help them work through all that needs to be done. The bottom line is that it’s never too early to start and there are no silly questions. If you or anyone you know is looking to downsize, please call us in for a meeting this fall!

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