Financing Your Renovation

There are many banks and mortgage companies with products that enable buyers to finance renovations within their mortgage. However you finance your renovation and whatever the rules that may be required by a third party,  before embarking on your renovation,  start a budgetary spreadsheet before you make even your first decision and DO have a finite… Read More >>

Invest in a Reno

Whether you are an experienced home renovator or just starting out, now is a great time to look for home-renovation projects. As winter looms over us, chances are that you’ll be able to find a quick closing date before the holidays. The winter months could be spent inside the house doing renovations to increase the… Read More >>

Five renovations that pay off: Kitchens are the #1 reno investment

The kitchen is almost always the heart of the home, and the most important room for homebuyers. So it’s no surprise that kitchen renovations consistently provide the best return on your renovation investment: from 75% to 100% according to the Appraisal Institute of Canada. While kitchen renovations can also be extremely costly, there’s no need… Read More >>

Five renovations that pay off: Bathroom reno offers good return

Although it is certainly possible to over-invest in bathroom renovations, they are among the most reliable renovations in terms of boosting the overall value of your home. If your home has fewer bathrooms than others in the neighbourhood, then a bathroom addition should be a top priority. A smart bathroom reno should return 75% to… Read More >>

Five renovations that pay off: Painting is the #3 reno

Whether it’s inside or outside – and whether you’re staying or going – a fresh coat of paint can work wonders on the overall impression of your home. While it doesn’t have the power-tool appeal of knocking down walls, a simple coat of paint can be almost as impactful. In fact, the experts consistently agree… Read More >>

Five renovations that pay off: Basement reno is #4

Basement renovations are on the “most wanted” list of home improvements for many families as they look to expand quality living space in their homes. An unfinished basement is just an opportunity waiting to be exploited and a great way to increase the square footage of your home! Keep in mind that these can be… Read More >>

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient When the temperature drops many people start to feel the impacts of having an older home, which may not be that energy efficient. Older windows, inadequate insulation, aging furnaces, cumbersome hot water tanks and air leaks can not only make for a chilly house but they can cause your… Read More >>

Kitchen too Small this Holiday Season?

Perhaps you were cooking for 20 (more or less) this holiday season. And perhaps you had family members drifting non-stop through your small kitchen – looking for snacks, checking the fridge to make sure it’s working, inspecting the inside of the cookie cabinet, looking for some conversation. Maybe that kitchen didn’t feel so small BEFORE… Read More >>

Renovating with the market in mind

When renovating a home, it’s always important to have a good handle on what your home is worth before you start and what it will be worth, or at least should be worth, when the work is done. We often see people spending  too much money on their renovations and then when it comes time… Read More >>