Enriched Bread Artists Open Studio – October 29, 2015

The Enriched Bread Artists’ Annual Open Studio is a prime time to share their work and vision with Ottawa. EBA serve prime-grade art locally and internationally from their transformed bread factory. A prime example of a not-for-profit collective, EBA artists (in their prime, by the way) work in all media and originate from all over the world. We… Read More >>

Excitement and Food at 383 Dominion Avenue!

Gusto TV wrapped up a week of filming an upcoming cooking show at our very own 383 Dominion! It will air in the new year, but in the mean time, we have a some shots to share with you. The kitchen isn’t the only special room in this magnificent, modern home, but clearly it grabbed… Read More >>

August 2015 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

Sales have been strong this August and happily, the condo inventory level is down! Prices are holding fairly steady and we anticipate a good fall market ahead!      

So You Want to Run Your Dog?

We are fortunate here in Ottawa to have lots of great places for people to bring their dogs for exercise. It’s important that dogs have a safe space to run, and of course their people always like to chat and drink coffee together and brag about their little furry family members! There are very clear… Read More >>

What’s the Latest on the Ottawa LRT?

Everyone wants to know more about the LRT (Light Rail Transit) – it’s the largest project this city has seen in a long time, and it promises to present some real change here!   Like any big project – take Lansdowne, for example – there are many opinions. In this case, numerous neighbourhoods will be… Read More >>

July 2015 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

July indicates that our market is still steady overall. Real estate is trading! Sales are taking longer, though, for both residential and condo properties. Just a little patience required. Our team has had a very busy month so everything feels strong – even with an election approaching.    

Vegetable Gardening with Kids

  One of my most fond memories of growing up was of planting my very own vegetable garden when I was 6 years old. We lived on Highland Avenue in Highland/McKellar Park, in a lovely older home with a west-facing backyard that got plenty of southern sun as well! The yard was great, and I… Read More >>

Let’s Get Grilling #3 – Gas, Propane, or Charcoal?

  How many times have you heard people lament the use of gas or propane for cooking on the BBQ? There are some loyal charcoal cookers out there! The debate seems to be flavour vs. convenience. But sometimes, our living situations dictate our choice. If you have a big patio or yard, your decision may… Read More >>

June 2015 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

The June stats say sales and prices are steady and that the condo market is starting to emerge from its slump. On average, properties are taking 74 days to sell, which is also consistent, albeit a far cry from the 2012 Ottawa market! Inventory levels are higher and that’s why there seem to be more For… Read More >>

Looking for a Great Day Trip Idea? Visit Fieldwork!

  We often have people asking us for good day trip ideas from Ottawa. We’re perfectly located, within easy distance to so many wonderful places. Fieldwork outdoor art exhibit is one trip not to be missed! The 2015 exhibit runs every day, all year, free of charge. Located close to Perth and Maberly, this dynamic… Read More >>

Let’s Get Grilling #2 – Breakfast on the BBQ?

  Just about anything can be prepared on a grill, including breakfast! Imagine, grilling in your jammies! One of my favourites is Grilled Ruby Grapefruit With Yogurt and Honey: Even the grapefruit-wary types are destined to love this dish, according to the website The slight bitterness of the grapefruit becomes sweeter as the fruit… Read More >>

Condo Vegetable Gardening

Just because you don’t have a backyard, doesn’t mean your dream of growing your own food can’t come true! There are loads or resources available online and in bookstores to help you start and maintain your own urban balcony garden. Before you start, make sure that you check with the rules and regulations of your… Read More >>