Buying a Home

The Long Wait For The Perfect House

The perfect house doesn’t exist. Let’s start there. In fact, the one you end up buying may surprise you!  Whether it’s your initial definition of “perfect” that is imperfect, your visions are unrealistic, or your tastes change, the right one does come along. The key is to embrace all the options, rather than to pigeon-hole… Read More >>

Finding Space & Quiet Inside Ottawa’s Greenbelt

  In a quest for peace and tranquility, or at least breathing room, many Ottawa home buyers struggle with the desire for an easy commute. Our special city offers many options outside of the urban neighbourhoods but within the Ottawa Greenbelt that still provide easy access to transit and offer proximity to amenities. There are,… Read More >>

Bank of Canada Lowers Interest Rates

In a surprise move today, the Bank of Canada has lowered interest rates by a quarter point to .75%, the first change it has made since September 2010.  As recently as the past few weeks, it was widely speculated that rates were going to remain steady with a slight increase in late 2015, and into… Read More >>

To Go Condo or Not To Go Condo

I can’t tell you the number of people we meet who are debating the merits of condo living. We find those people often in the first-time buyer or empty-nester categories, but increasingly, everyone in between, as well. The first question we almost always get is, “Isn’t the condo market over-saturated in Ottawa right now?”  To… Read More >>

CMHC Announces a Premium Rate Increase

This week CMHC announced that it is raising insurance premiums on their suite of mortgage insurance products.  There are three primary mortgage insurer’s in Canada, CMHC, Canada Guarantee and Genworth Financial, all three insurers allow access to the housing market by allowing buyers to purchase a home with as little as 5% down payment.  Genworth… Read More >>

Mortgage Brokers Ottawa App

The Mortgage Brokers Ottawa app is a great tool to look up daily mortgage rates.  There is also a mortgage calculator and budgeting tool that includes estimates for the closing costs of purchasing your home so you can quickly get an idea of what you can afford.  To download the free mortgage calculator tool app… Read More >>

What’s Wrong With My New House?!

So you buy a wonderful new home that maybe isn’t so new and anticipate all the good times you will have there. And then one day, water stops running out of your kitchen tap. Or you see water seeping in along the sides of your basement wall. Blame it on your home inspector? Perhaps. But… Read More >>

Government Help for First Time Buyers

Home Buyers’ Plan: If eligible, people can withdraw up to $25,000 tax free from the Registered Retired Savings Plan (RRSP) to purchase or build a qualifying home. To qualify as a first-time homebuyer you can not have owned a home as a principal residence for four years before the date of the withdrawal of funds. People using this plan… Read More >>

Invest in a Reno

Whether you are an experienced home renovator or just starting out, now is a great time to look for home-renovation projects. As winter looms over us, chances are that you’ll be able to find a quick closing date before the holidays. The winter months could be spent inside the house doing renovations to increase the… Read More >>

Finding Your Neighbourhood

Deciding on the right neighbourhood is perhaps the most daunting decision any home buyer faces. And it is equally as important for first time buyers as it is the second, or even last time around. Why? Because your neighbourhood dictates not only where you will live, but how you will live. Take the time to… Read More >>

What is a Co-Op?

We have plenty of condominiums in Ottawa but only a handful of co-ops, so they raise many questions for buyers. Firstly, it is important to know that co-ops exist in large numbers in many cities across Canada and the United States, as well as in many other countries. In a co-op, the corporation owns the… Read More >>

Mortgages for Self-Employed Buyers

In general, for many years, most of the banks and lenders have had in place programs to approve clients that are “business for self” under what they call “stated income” guidelines.  Typically banks and lenders use line 150 on the Notice of Assessment’s as proof of income for qualifying purposes on a mortgage.  Essentially under… Read More >>