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Major Changes for Canada’s Housing Markets

Thanks to Sheri Creese of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa for providing the following update. 

Thinking Pool?

Pools are a tricky thing. With the summers getting hotter, having one is appealing. They can affect the investment you have made in your home so here are a few things to consider. The cost of the pool itself is just part of the overall investment. With the required fencing, landscaping and perhaps a shed,… Read More >>

Competing with Multiple Offers in Real Estate

Here are some tips when competing in multiple offers!

Moving When You Already Own a Home

Should you buy first, then sell, or vice versa? Let us be your guide!

Making a Move When it isn’t Your First

It was all so simple when you bought your first home. Without a place to sell, financing and timing was all so straightforward. Now it’s your second, third or more move and the housing market has really changed so things can seem so complex. This time around, expert guidance from a realtor and a financing… Read More >>

The Long Wait For The Perfect House

The perfect house doesn’t exist. Let’s start there. In fact, the one you end up buying may surprise you!  Whether it’s your initial definition of “perfect” that is imperfect, your visions are unrealistic, or your tastes change, the right one does come along. The key is to embrace all the options, rather than to pigeon-hole… Read More >>

Clearing Clutter: Where did all this stuff come from?!

It seems that no matter where we live, our homes inevitably fill up with “stuff”. As each year passes, we accumulate more clutter and divest of less. So, when the time finally comes to move, the thought of what to do with all the “stuff” is completely daunting. It is almost certain that any real… Read More >>

Finding Space & Quiet Inside Ottawa’s Greenbelt

  In a quest for peace and tranquility, or at least breathing room, many Ottawa home buyers struggle with the desire for an easy commute. Our special city offers many options outside of the urban neighbourhoods but within the Ottawa Greenbelt that still provide easy access to transit and offer proximity to amenities. There are,… Read More >>

Selling Your Home! – What To Expect

From the moment your home hits the market, you will spend your days wondering: What did that buyer not like? Why don’t I KNOW what the buyer thought? When is the offer coming? How many more days do I have to keep this place clean? What more can I do? The list is as endless… Read More >>

Bank of Canada Lowers Interest Rates

In a surprise move today, the Bank of Canada has lowered interest rates by a quarter point to .75%, the first change it has made since September 2010.  As recently as the past few weeks, it was widely speculated that rates were going to remain steady with a slight increase in late 2015, and into… Read More >>

To Go Condo or Not To Go Condo

I can’t tell you the number of people we meet who are debating the merits of condo living. We find those people often in the first-time buyer or empty-nester categories, but increasingly, everyone in between, as well. The first question we almost always get is, “Isn’t the condo market over-saturated in Ottawa right now?”  To… Read More >>

CMHC Announces a Premium Rate Increase

This week CMHC announced that it is raising insurance premiums on their suite of mortgage insurance products.  There are three primary mortgage insurer’s in Canada, CMHC, Canada Guarantee and Genworth Financial, all three insurers allow access to the housing market by allowing buyers to purchase a home with as little as 5% down payment.  Genworth… Read More >>