Bet You Don’t Know the Fascinating History of Convent Glen, Orleans!


The history of Convent Glen, Orleans maybe richer than you think! It was a truly horrific incident in 1956 that led to housing development in Convent Glen. A Canadian fighter jet based here in Ottawa plummeted into the Convent of the Grey Nuns, destroying lives and the building itself. This fiery crash led to the sale of land for development to help offset the cost of rebuilding the convent. You can read the article here.

1956 plane crash at Grey Nun Convent

When we describe our listing at 6191 Ravine Way in Convent Glen as “truly special”, there is a reason! You see, there is an interesting story behind the more custom homes in this specific section of Convent Glen. Unlike the rest of the area, which was developed beginning in the 1970’s as a result of the fiery crash that caused the availability of the land, this section between Voyageur Drive and Hiawatha Park Road was only developed beginning in the 1990’s and now connects the two. It was called East Port Cove, and Ravine Way gets its name from the fact that the areas were separated by a ravine. In the 2000’s the NCC released the land along the river directly behind the existing ravine for development. Today, this area, built in the 1990’s and 2000’s has the most expensive and exclusive homes in Convent Glen. And it’s the reason why this home at 6191 is truly unique from homes in the surrounding parts of Convent Glen. Definitely worth taking a look!6191 Ravine Way

For more information on the community today, check out the Convent Glen/Orleans Wood Community Association website.

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