A MOVING Experience – Leaving a Long-Time Home

A MOVING Experience – Leaving a Long-Time Home


A series of client profiles

Laura and Jan had bought their home together ten years ago with us, but the time had come to return to Laura’s home coast in British Columbia. They had spent many years in the nation’s capital where they both had fulfilling careers, but Jan was recently retired and the move west for Laura was long overdue. But having never sold a home before, coupled with the long list of pieces that must fall into place, must have felt daunting.

Any move can seem overwhelming and we totally understood that when Jan reached out to us last spring. A move was not imminent at that point, but she wanted to understand the process and most of all, start preparations so that when the time came, they would be ready. So smart, really. We gave them a list of improvements to make and a brief overview of the process. When we heard from Jan again in the fall, it was with the news that Laura had found a dream job out west and they were ready to go!

We went to their lovely home to meet with Jan, sign paperwork and finalize pricing and timing. And then the waiting began for the formal job offer and relocation details. After all the preparation, the waiting must have seemed interminable! The Christmas holidays came and went as Laura worked through all the details and finally early in the new year, the paperwork had been signed and Laura and Jan had the green light. They marched into seeking their home with excitement and the stress that every seller knows well.

The special thing about Laura and Jan, though, was that they also went headlong into the process knowing they didn’t know anything, and trusting us to guide them. In the end and all within a week or so, their much-loved home was happily sold to their dream buyers and for significantly more than they ever imagined. They were leaving their home in loving hands and best of all, to the best neighbours.

Laura and Jan still have the logistics of the actual move ahead, but they leave Ottawa with a sweet taste, wonderful memories and agents who will miss them!

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