A Monster Cookie Contest – Celebrating the Holidays in 2020

A Monster Cookie Contest – Celebrating the Holidays in 2020


Our Annual Holiday Event was a Blast!

There isn’t anything more fun than decorating delicious cookies for the holiday season! Last year we were able to invite our clients to join us in person for some messy fun, but this year, as with most things, we had to change things up! We ordered large, undecorated snowflake cookies with icing and decorations from local business Yummy Cookies and delivered the kits. In no time at all, we were receiving photos of some masterful decorations!

Choosing the winners was a difficult task, so the cookies decorated by children were chosen randomly. They were all so great! Brother and sister Theo and Naomi, and Dylan and Penelope were the lucky winners. On the grown-up side, we had some super creative entries! The winners were Rebecca and Gerry for their cookie labelled Tunney’s Pasture. They displayed a great love for their neighbourhood and it’s one of our favourites, too.

Here are the winners but keep scrolling to see the great photos we received! And stay tuned for more fun from our team in 2021!

Naomi and Dylan’s cookies

Winning Cookie – Rebecca and Gerry

Naomi and Theo’s Cookies

Check out these other great entries!

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