Ottawa Neighbourhoods: A Dog Friendly Ottawa

Ottawa Neighbourhoods: A Dog Friendly Ottawa

With all our green spaces, Ottawa is the perfect place for dogs! With abundant waterways, hiking trails on both sides of the river, a number of designated dog parks and of course neighbourhood gathering spots, it’s easy to find a place to exercise Fido. Even outdoor patios often accommodate your canine companion, which makes summer that much more enjoyable for those of us attached to our dogs.

Bruce & Conroy Pit!

The two largest, most well-known off leash parks are Bruce Pit in the west end and Conroy Pit in the South. These are popular because they offer plenty of space for owners to walk alongside their dogs rather than standing around in a small spot. Conroy Pit has several trails, some wooded, while Bruce Pit offers more open space. These areas are that much more special during non-peak times when there are fewer dogs and some solitude!

Community Parks

There are smaller, neighbourhood dog parks spread throughout the city where neighbours get to know one another and their dogs, too. All are special in their own way. A quick Google search turns up more than 16 across Ottawa, and that means there is one close by! Some are all fenced, such as Hampton Park, Riverside South Dog Park, Lansdowne Park and others. In Alta Vista, the off leash park combines open green space with trails and woods. Dreamy in the Winter, a bit buggy in Spring! If you read reviews of all the dog parks, almost every one says “best dog park in Ottawa”, which goes to show you that a dog park can be a real hub of a community.

Doggy Etiquette & Final Remarks

Whichever park you frequent, dog etiquette and safety are important. Where there are a lot of dogs, there is always the possibility of some tension, so be sure to supervise your pet at all times.
New to Ottawa? The dog park is a great place to meet people and form lasting friendships. I can’t tell you how many of my first encounters with great friends happened at the local dog park. Don’t have a dog but love them? What better place to get your fill?! If you haven’t decided where to buy a home, and dog friendly places are important to you, just ask us. Everyone on our team is a dog-owner and lover!

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