Let’s Get Grilling #2 – Breakfast on the BBQ?

  Just about anything can be prepared on a grill, including breakfast! Imagine, grilling in your jammies! One of my favourites is Grilled Ruby Grapefruit With Yogurt and Honey: Even the grapefruit-wary types are destined to love this dish, according to the website The slight bitterness of the grapefruit becomes sweeter as the fruit… Read More >>

Condo Vegetable Gardening

Just because you don’t have a backyard, doesn’t mean your dream of growing your own food can’t come true! There are loads or resources available online and in bookstores to help you start and maintain your own urban balcony garden. Before you start, make sure that you check with the rules and regulations of your… Read More >>

20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit the Parkdale Market Right Now

The Parkdale Market It’s that time of year! One of our favourite markets in Ottawa is filled with so much colour. You can’t help but smile while passing by. The Parkdale Market in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighbourhood is filled with delicious and lovely items looking to find a good home. It’s open daily from dawn to dusk,… Read More >>

May 2015 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

We are in the thick of the spring market, as the increase in sales indicates! Inventory levels are keeping us in a buyer’s market, so there is plenty to choose from and while prices for residential homes are up slightly, condos prices continue to struggle. We still have a month or two left of an… Read More >>

Did you know about the City of Ottawa’s “Local Road” Program?

There’s a lot of talk these days in the urban communities that we live and work in about the increase in car traffic on residential streets. There are many reasons for this, such as the development of condos, which brings more residents to neighbourhoods. Also, many of the neighbourhoods are destinations for people from all… Read More >>

Elmdale Public School Fun Fair – June 11, 2015

We are proud to sponsor the Elmdale Public School Fun Fair again this year! This event is highly anticipated by the students and their families, as it raises funds that support initiatives that do not receive support from the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. In the past, funds raised from this event have supported the purchase of art supplies, music programming, inter-city busing… Read More >>

Time to Tune Up Your Bike!

The snow has finally melted and everyone is itching to get out on their bikes! Although we have lots of die-hard year-round riders in Ottawa, for the most part, cycling is a seasonal activity and as such our bikes usually get stored away in damp garages packed full of stuff. Before heading out and enjoying… Read More >>

Let’s Get Grilling – We Need Your Help!

  Nothing is more summer-like than the smell of food grilling on a BBQ. There are so many choices when it comes to the perfect summer grill, and we’ve decided to post a multi-blog series devoted to the grill! We will explore the different types of grills, pros and cons of each, where you should… Read More >>

April 2015 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

April stats are out, and show good reason to be confident in our local market. We had a slow start this year, thanks to a long and cold winter, but with warmer temperatures finally upon us, things are looking strong. Total number of sales is up year over year and prices are holding steady with… Read More >>

Summer Travel – Where Do You Create Memories?

For those of us lucky enough to experience new adventures during summer breaks, we have memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s a trek across country camping under the stars or flying abroad to hear different languages and experience new cultures, we remember them as if they were yesterday. So, when it comes time to decide… Read More >>

The Long Wait For The Perfect House

The perfect house doesn’t exist. Let’s start there. In fact, the one you end up buying may surprise you!  Whether it’s your initial definition of “perfect” that is imperfect, your visions are unrealistic, or your tastes change, the right one does come along. The key is to embrace all the options, rather than to pigeon-hole… Read More >>

Family Fun: Visiting an Ottawa Sugar Bush! (Photos)

Ottawa Sugar Bush Fun! For more than 160 years, the Fulton family has produced maple syrup in the Ottawa region. Located just outside of Pakenham, Fulton’s Pancake House & Sugar Bush is an easy weekend drive away. Fulton’s has classic sugar bush treats, lots of trail walks and even a horse drawn ride through the forest. It’s a… Read More >>