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June 2017 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

We’re having a stellar year so far in 2017. Year-to-date sales numbers for the first half of the year are up in both the residential and condo property classes, combined coming in at a 13.5 per cent increase over the same time period in 2016.

May 2017 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

Condo sales lead the way for stellar performance in May Not only was May 2017 the best May on record for unit sales, it also surpassed the record for highest unit sales in a single month ever; surpassing the previous record by 315 units.

The Old Ottawa East Main Event – June 16 & 17, 2017

  The Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East once again brings you the annual Main Event! This year’s activities, as always, will be loads of fun for the whole family. We are so proud to sponsor this event again this year! The Main Event starts on the evening of Friday, June 16 at 9:00 p.m. (or… Read More >>

December 2015 Newsletter

January 2012 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

The results indicate it’s been a typical month of January for the Ottawa and area resale housing market. It is interesting to note that the inventory of properties for sale is considerably higher than a year ago, offering a lot of choice to buyers.

Community Series: The Glebe

This ongoing series brings you inside the wonderful communities that make up downtown Ottawa – the neighbourhoods we know and love!  “Glebe” is church land, by definition, which is exactly what our own Glebe neighbourhood was in 1837 when the area was granted to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. The Glebe’s boundaries have not changed since… Read More >>

Small Spaces – Getting Organized

Clothing protruding from each and every closet? Scarves, hats and mitts decorating hallway corners? Boots and shoes completely mixed up, each one dripping on someone else’s? Pots and pans stored in your oven? Sheets and towels perpetually piled atop the washing machine? If any of this sounds familiar, you probably live in a downtown home… Read More >>

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient When the temperature drops many people start to feel the impacts of having an older home, which may not be that energy efficient. Older windows, inadequate insulation, aging furnaces, cumbersome hot water tanks and air leaks can not only make for a chilly house but they can cause your… Read More >>

Don’t Forget to Look At the Trees!

When buying a home, especially when you’re looking in established urban neighbourhoods, it’s really important to look at the property for more than just the house. Trees are beautiful in an urban landscape and in Ottawa we’re really lucky to have a great variety of majestic ones. When considering a property to purchase, take a… Read More >>

December 2011 Ottawa Real Estate Board Market News

Resale home sales in 2011 were slightly above the five-year average of 14,326, and that’s really the story for the year.  The market started off the year quietly, but gained momentum as we headed into spring and summer, losing very little steam during the fall and posting the best November on record, which leaves us… Read More >>

Finding the Right School

All schools are not created equal. But then again, neither are children! The key to making the right choices for your child’s education is to consider both the institution itself and the character of your child to make sure the two mesh. Attending the school information sessions is a great way to start, especially if… Read More >>

Kitchen too Small this Holiday Season?

Perhaps you were cooking for 20 (more or less) this holiday season. And perhaps you had family members drifting non-stop through your small kitchen – looking for snacks, checking the fridge to make sure it’s working, inspecting the inside of the cookie cabinet, looking for some conversation. Maybe that kitchen didn’t feel so small BEFORE… Read More >>